A pass extension to copy the username to the clipboard.
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h1. pass-user

A "pass":https://www.passwordstore.org extension to copy the username to the clipboard.

h2. Definitions

The _username_ is expected to be the last part of the path:

pre. category/service/username

h2. Installation

Please refer to the official documentation "Extensions for pass":https://www.passwordstore.org/#extensions.

h3. User only

To install this extensions only for the current user enable password-store extensions by setting


and store the _user.bash_ file in the _.password-store/.extensions/_ folder or create a symlink there.

h3. System-wide

To installe this extension system-wide for all users store the _user.bash_file in _/usr/lib/password-store/extensions/_.

h2. Usage

The _user_ command can be used in the same way as the _show_ command:

bc. pass user category/service/user@name.mail

This will copy _user@name.mail_ to the clipboard.